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Life Coaching

Perhaps you are struggling with a life-change or a dilemma of some sort. We can encounter difficulties in relationships – at home or at work – and we can suffer the loss of a relationship. We may identify with roles – in jobs and professions or within families – which we find are gone, perhaps through illness, redundancy, retirement, children flying the nest…and coming to terms with these losses can be difficult. We may have made mistakes in life or feel we have failed in some way or been inadequate, and we can get stuck in self-blame and loss of hope. The career may have come to feel unrewarding but we can find we do not know what to do about it.

Whether you are facing a major life transition or you just feel that things are not as you would like, I will help you find your way towards change, resourcefulness, resolution to dilemmas and a sense of possibility. I will help you come to accept what can’t be changed, and support and challenge you identify and face up to whatever you must to achieve the change you want – whatever that might be.

Life Coaching Oxfordshire

Achieving lasting, real-world impact by taking the way you think and act to another level

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