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"I would very much encourage people to go for coaching. It is so different from mentoring and coaching tools can be applied in any work or personal situation. As I came to coaching I was going through a very difficult personal situation. In a few sessions I was able to look at and process things as they were rather than how I wished that they were. I learned to breathe with ease while dealing with difficult issues, to follow my heart and let go of what was. I had already made the decision, in my head, to move on, but I was stacked with a heavy emotional and psychological load from which coaching freed me."
NP, Not for profit organisation, South Africa

"My coaching sessions with John have been very eye-opening. They have helped me gain various insights to different situations in my life and have helped me develop further as a human being. I would highly recommend organising coaching sessions with John."
HS, student

"For some reason I am reminded of Megan Henwood's song "Garden" and the lyric 'Daisy... unfolds bright gold wings'. A lot of our work seemed to happen in the spaces between the words, in the non-doing, in the hungering for Being. There is a depth of tenderness and sensitivity to John's approach, an ongoing coaxing me back home to me, that has been transformative."
CZ, helping professional 

"John has helped me take a step back and build my confidence during a really high pressure time at work and personally.  Looking back, I am applying a lot of what I learned during the coaching sessions." 
AY, Civil Service UK

"I have learned new ways of perceiving difficult and seemingly intransigent dynamics between two people whom I would like to help to defuse a potentially explosive state of affairs. I shall be using what I have learned in all my dealings with people, not simply in dealings with the two people whose difficulties prompted my need to find out different ways of doing things. I found John’s gentle, sensitive, aware approach and wide-ranging knowledge particularly helpful. not only have I learned a lot, I have very much enjoyed doing so." 
CB, Employer

"John's coaching exceeded my expectations and enabled me to resolve an issue that I had been struggling with for some time. I had come to believe that it was intractable but had underestimated the patience  and skill that John brought to our coaching sessions. By guiding me to think in a new and creative way he not only lifted the burden of the presenting problem but gave me the tools to reimagine myself and my work in a way that has been transformational."
JP, Church Partnerships Manager, Christian Aid

"In my experience, striking the right balance between challenge and support is a key skill of an effective coach. John achieves this balance, and as a result has made a real difference to my performance. His ability to listen, and replay back the things I say - or perhaps more importantly, don't say - is often at the heart of real breakthrough insight. John's relaxed and open style encourages relaxed and open thinking. The use of powerful questions is another way in which John has pushed me to achieve real clarity about situations and the options I can consider to move forward. The result is that I'm thinking - and perhaps more importantly acting - differently as I work towards a long-term project.”
EC, Senior Manager, UK Government
"I have known John since 2010 when I joined Interbiz Networking Club in Banbury. One of John's specialities is to help new businesses as well as established businesses to define their strategy. I have had an opportunity to use John's 1 to 1 coaching and his unique approach made huge impact on developing my current business strategy. I would definitely recommend John to anyone who may need any of the services his company offers.”
SN, Business owner
"I am feeling so much more happy and stable. You have given me sound foundations and favourable building blocks for my future. I thank you most sincerely for your kind support and am now able to acknowledge that I am deserving and capable of a happy future."

"Coaching really helps focus in on what you want and though we didn’t always talk about that exact topic, what we did focus on all linked in to how to deliver my job in the best way. I really valued having someone outside of my line management structure, and even my organisation, to work with as it led to different and helpful conversations, and in turn to the best outcomes. If you want results from coaching you have to be committed. You won’t be carried;  you must take responsibility for your choices, actions and development."
LC, Senior Manager, Christian Aid

"I had not considered previously how talking to someone about my relationship issue would help me. But when I met with John, I found him very attentive and caring, so I was able to open up my inner feelings as I had not done before. During our chats John guided me to realise that life is what you make of it and I became much stronger to face the issues before me. I would certainly recommend that you speak with John to help guide you through life."

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